Ordering prescription glasses online is really simple – please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way


Step 1 – Select your Frames & Choose Your Lens Options

Upon selecting your Frames and preferred colour, the Lens Options box offers a range of possibilities to further customise your new Glasses in terms of Lens Coatings, Thin Lenses, Transitions and Sunglasses Tints.

At the top of the Lens Option Box it asks what your new pair of Glasses will be used for – Distance Vision, Reading or Computer Work – Please select the most appropriate option as this is taken into consideration when we make your lenses.

With over 3000 frames in our collection across wide range of designs and price points we have something for everyone.

Example Frame Measurements:

Step 2 – Click Buy Now

At the bottom of the Lens Options box there are 2 buttons.


This button allows you to add your chosen frame and lens option to the basket and continue shopping for another pair of Glasses.

If you would like to purchase 2 pairs of the same frame but with a slightly different lens package simply choose your lenses for Frame 1, Click “Add to Basket” and then revise your lens requirements for Frame 2 and Click “Add to Basket” again.

When you are ready to purchase, clicking the Checkout Button at the top right hand corner of the page will take you straight to the checkout process.


This button will take you straight to the final part of your ordering process.

Step 3 – Add Your Prescription, Delivery Details & Checkout

Prescription Form – please input the details as per your Prescription – please note that on some Prescriptions, not all the boxes will need to be completed.


Send Your Prescription By Post Or E-Mail – don’t worry if you haven’t got your Glasses Prescription to hand.  You can order now and send the details separately via post or e-mail at your convenience.  Information on how to send your Prescription to us is provided in your order confirmation.

Pupil Distance (PD) – some Prescriptions provide this figure and some don’t – if you don’t know your Pupil Distance that is fine.  Our Opticians will simply use the industry average of 63 when making your Glasses.

Sign In – there is no need to sign in or create an account to make a purchase – if you are in a hurry, simply click “Checkout As Guest” which will take you straight to the Delivery Address page.

Creating an account will however make future purchases even simpler again as our system stores your delivery details in your account.

Delivery Details – Please add the address to where your payment method is registered.  If you would like us to deliver to a different address please tick the “Deliver to a different address” button and add your details.

Review & Payment – Please check your order to ensure it is to your preferred specification.  Please then add your payment details to complete your purchase which will take you to a confirmation page.

Our aim is to make purchasing Prescription Glasses online as simple and convenient as possible however if we can be of assistance in any way before, during and after your purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.